Mandatory Compliances for Companies



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Mandatory Compliances for Companies

Once your business is incorporated as a Private Limited company. It is necessary to abide the rules and laws prescribed by the various status and act.

Compliances for the companies under Companies Act, 2013 is not just limited to filing of annual returns, even information for change of directors , change of business address , change of business activity and other event is to be given in the relevant forms to the registrar of companies.

There are too many guidelines and due dates in the good book of law. We help for filing annual compliances like Annual Return, Directors Reports, Return of Deposits, Half Yearly Return of MSME, Statutory Records, Appointment and Rectification of Auditors with professional expertise.

The following form are to be submitted before due dates to avoid penalties.

  1. Form AOC-4 within 30 days of AGM
  2. Form MGT-7 within 60 days of AGM 
  3. Form ADT-1
  4. Director KYC
  5. Form DPT-3
  6. Micro, small and Medium Enterprises  Return