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Due Diligence Restructuring of business (merger, acquisitions joint venture, partnerships) requires to look into various aspects of the target company. Due Diligence helps the management to identify the weakness and opportunities within target company. It is a process of investigation and entails conducting enquiries for the purpose of timely and accurate disclosure of all material statements that may influence the outcome of the transaction. Due Diligence involves study of financial and non-financial aspects to understand the financial, legal and operation viability of the entity. It mitigates the risk from the prospective transaction.

If a company is making any investment decisions then reliance solely on audited financials is not sufficient as audited financials do not identify significant area of interest of Investor Company.

We as a team provides services of Due Diligence and covers following area:-

  • Financial Statements
  • Taxation
  • Legal Aspects
  • Ongoing Litigation
  • Overall Compliances